The South Park Blocks Master Plan is a visioning effort currently being led by the Portland Bureau of Parks and Recreation. The Master Plan will make recommendations that are meant to inform any future work that affects the South Park Blocks. The South Park Blocks are an iconic 12-block greenspace that stretches south from SW Salmon Street, through Portland State University to almost the I-405 Freeway 

The master plan will make recommendations including:

  • A long term tree succession strategy to guide replanting of trees as they become sick, dead or dangerous
  • Making the park blocks more welcoming and inclusive
  • Retaining the existing character while accommodating increasing numbers of walkers, transit rider and cyclists
  • Resources needed to support regular community events such as the Portland Farmer’s Market
  • An alignment for the Green Loop through the South Park Blocks 

It is anticipated the master plan will be completed in the Spring of 2021. 

How We Are Involved

Friends of Green Loop is a member of the South Park Blocks Master Plan Community Advisory Committee. As a committee member, we listen to the public, adjacent property owners, subject matter experts and City representatives to help inform our recommendations. As a member of the committee, it has been invaluable to hear about the current uses and aspirations for the South Park Blocks and how the Green Loop can integrate into the blocks in a way that enhances the character.

View of the South Park Blocks looking south as they are today.Rendering of the South Park Blocks with the proposed alignment of the Green Loop looking South.
The South Park Blocks today and with the proposed Green Loop alignment (Slide to compare)

Above is an illustrative concept example of the Green Loop along the South Park Blocks, based on the preferred alignment from the South Park Blocks Master Plan process. The Green Loop path is proposed fully within the public street right-of-way by widening the existing sidewalk and establishing a planted median buffer from the adjacent travel lane. No tree removal is proposed to integrate the Green Loop. Shade-tolerant understory planters are proposed to be added underneath existing park trees near the Green Loop path.