The Green Loop is anchored at its corners by 4 major projects that will transform Portland.

How we are involved

Broadway Corridor
The Broadway Corridor/USPS project is a 14-acre redevelopment organized around a central open space that includes the Green Loop — it will form the northern end of the northern end of the North Park Blocks. The Green Loop is a primary connection for the USPS site to the surrounding context — to the east across the Broadway Bridge, and to the south along the park blocks. Through the USPS site, the Green Loop will offer a “mini-Highline” series of experiences as the linear park makes its way down to the North Park Blocks from the Broadway Bridge through new high-density buildings. 

A complementary project to the USPS redevelopment is the update to the River District Street Design Standards, that will provide more specific direction for the design of the Green Loop at USPS and through the North Park Blocks within the Pearl District.

Albina Vision

OMSI Innovation Quadrant

Southwest Corridor